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Devin and Christine saying Mccrae and Amanda was the showmance that made it closest to final 2 in BB history


i literally can’t contain my satisfaction with finding this LMAO


i literally can’t contain my satisfaction with finding this LMAO


I’m so team Zach/Cody/Frankie

Just look how adorable their eye contact is!

Just look how adorable their eye contact is!

damianmcginty I just met benrector .The mans incredibly talented. Keeping my cool was a struggle.Thanks for being awesome dude.

damianmcginty I just met benrector .The mans incredibly talented. Keeping my cool was a struggle.Thanks for being awesome dude.





It has more impact to bring your cause into society in a positive manner. Rather than to push it too hard and appear obnoxious about it.

The Lord has given me a lot of blessings these past few weeks and I am truly fortunate for each one of them. Recently, it was followed by a string of “rejections”. These are rejections that hinders and jeopardizing my (want) dream. And yet, I am weirdly alright about it.

Cause now, I realized that a massive task is upon me. A task that will be tough and may push me to my brink. This will become the upcoming chapter of my life. 

Why is it massive? Because all of the aspects in my life will be stretched. My academics, social life, service, employment and relationships will be drowned into the abyss. It will be hectic, challenging and to the eyes of society, just plain crazy. Truly, it will be a the art of losing myself to the unknown.

Obviously, I was fearful at first. Pacing back and forth on how am I going to do it. I don’t know where to start. I am in a situation and in waters, I am afraid of. My comfort zone, well? practically.. the situation made that zone non-existent. How am I going to pull this off?

Over the next few days, I was frustrated. I was also anxious, angry and asserted. I was blaming myself for the lack of my abilities. I should have done better. I should have done greater. It then made me realize, NO! You have done your best (you always have). It was just, I’m not that good. I was not good enough. That’s why I was rejected. It was devastating to come to that conclusion.

It was then followed by a lot of reflection time. I also asked a lot of people for advises, consultation and time to listen to my insecurities, Asking them for guidance because I am starting to doubt and was very close in leaving the community. I was really close in calling it quits and just concentrate on my goals in life.

Grateful for the people I talked to, I realized that I am now part of God’s revolution.That the forces of negativity attack the very essence of our faith and service. I remember being told that being a follower of the Christ will never be easy. It will inflict suffering to my life and by doing so, will be a sacrifice for the Lord.

I also then realized that this massive task I am bestowed upon is issued by the Lord. He is challenging me to push myself. He removed the blanket of comfort and asked me to step outside the zone. The future ahead of me may be unclear. But with the Lord, I know my journey of getting there will be worth it (as it always has been).

The Lord issued a challenge to be RADIKAL and this is His way for me to do so. That’s why, I was weirdly alright about it. NO, scratch that. I am happy for it. I am excited for it. It’s time to answer God’s call to be RADIKAL and I am here for the Lord’s invitation.


No Regrets. No Disappointment. I am ready to take on the unknown. And with my faith, I humbly accept His challenge.


Monthly Blog : June 2014

Change - Big Word.

People fear it, People hate it and People blame their misfortunes because of it. However, change is a natural thing and we should actually embrace it. 

Embrace change?

- Because when we embrace change, we adapt to the situation. By adapting, we assess our current situation, find our mistakes, learn from them and overcome them. Leading to success

- Because by embracing change, you don’t live in the past. A lot of us love our past because of the joyous memories with that and we can’t let it go. We fear the unknown future. But why fear the future if you are the one shaping it.

Examples :
A: Glory Days - You can’t embrace change because the past is too great and you can’t move on to the fact that the future seems so boring and gloomy. 

B: Miserable Past - You can’t embrace change because the past is too cruel for you. It hurt you so much, you cannot move on. 

The problem of not overcoming your past, it normally spreads to depression, anxiety and lack of trust. So no, no no no no. Try your best to move on. Try your best to forget about the past (not regret) 

PBB 3rd Nomination

Disclaimer: No one is allowed to talk about the nominations outside the Confession Room. Implied and indirect discussions about the nominations (wanting to nominate an unidentified person with a distinct description, etc.) is also forbidden.

(Source : From Voting-Out-Procedure Section, Sub Section #10, Pinoy Big Brother official Rulebook)

Why did I put that as a disclaimer? Cause it will be used later.

Anyways, let’s discuss this week’s nomination. It was pretty obvious (as I predicted with my colleagues and friends) because of two reasons:

- There are less people as choices

- The more likely to be nominated are safe.

So the results?

I would like to highlight that Fifth had never received a nomination point in the past three ceremonies (with Jayme and Joshua at zero as well for the first two ceremonies)

Jacob received 7 points because he is “insensitive”. He gives a lot of “excuses” and does not give “his all” when in the task.

Maris received 8 points because she does not return things that she borrowed nicely and quickly.

Jane, shockingly, received 17 points because she apparently talk gossips behind other housemates’ backs and it offended them.

Out of the three nominees, Jane was the one the online world was a little distraught. So let’s analyze what happened.

Netizens believe that Jane does not deserve to receive 17 points. But according to the nomination, she did because most of the housemates find her fake. However, it was also highlighted in online discussions that a fellow housemate, Jacob, “indirectly influenced” today’s nomination by saying that “Jane” is bi-polar. 

Jacob did mention that (in livestream), co-housemate Jane have a two-face personality to the other housemate. A lot of netizens believe that Jacob’s action is unreasonable and the nomination should be void. Should Big Brother abide by his rule book and forced evict Jacob (as he is currently nominated) 

However, if we look at the disclaimer from above, it clearly said that “No One is allowed to speak about nomination outside the confession room”. It may be true that Jacob influenced people’s decision however he did that by following the rules. He did not mention about nominating Jane and/or suggested that she should be nominated for her actions. He, explicitly, just told his opinions to the other housemates as part of a clear NON-nomination context value.

So, where should Big Brother stand on this? Let the nomination play out. If you look/watch the other versions of Big brother in Australia, UK or South Africa perhaps, you would notice that most housemates ACTUALLY influence the nomination by indirectly commenting about their “target” housemate. That is part of the game and gameplay. But in the Philippines, a cut-throat game play is frowned upon. Hence, it seems that Jacob was cheating. Therefore, we can conclude, that despite that Jacob did influence the nomination, Big Brother is powerless about it.

So what to do now? 

Keep the housemate you want. Personally, I applaud Jacob, even though unintentionally, it was good that Jane was nominated so that the other housemates would know that even the celebrity can be up for eviction. It’s an even-field now showing that anyone can be nominated by the procedures (not counting Alex because she was Automatically Nominated by violations)